Brief History

Ichalkaranji (District: Kolhapur) located in Western region of Maharashtra State of India, is popularly known as the Manchester of Maharashtra, being a leading centre of textile industry.  Formerly it was a small hamlet situated on the left bank of the river Panchganga. Naro Mahadev, the founder of the Ghorpade family, made Ichalkaranji the seat of his capital in 1708 A.D.; since then till 1949 A.D. it remained the capital of Shrimant

In 1892 Shrimant Narayanrao Babasaheb Ghorpade became Jahagirdar of Ichalkaranji. Though there were limited resources at the disposal of his Jahagiri, with very deep interest he assisted the industrial development of the town in every possible way.

Ichalkaranji, situated on latitude of 160 – 40’ North and longitude of 740-25’ East, comes under moderate rain shadow and has dry climate, which is suitable to textile industry. With the migration of weavers and village artisans from different parts of adjacent Karnataka state and also with the advert of Marwari merchants from far-away Rajasthan state in about 1934, the textile business grew by leaps and bounds. Now the textile industry has become the mainstay of economic life of people of Ichalkaranji.

By the blessings of Shrimant Narayanrao Babasaheb Ghorpade and initiative of five donors, who were the ex-students of the then Govindrao High School, the education institution was formed.  It is popularly known all over Maharashtra as Shri. N.B.Education Society (NBES).  It has the history of over a century.

On the industrial background of the town, in June 1983, NBES started Shri. Venkatesh Mahavidyalaya to meet the growing needs of commerce education of local students. The college which was started only with 77 students in 1983 has now grown quantitatively and developed qualitatively. It has occupied the place of prominence and dominance in imparting commerce education.