Courses Offered & Fees Structure

The college offers the following programs

(i)  UG Level (4 Programs) 
(a) B.Com (Advanced Accountancy)
(b) B.Com (Industrial Management)
(c) B.Com (Advanced Statistics)
(d) B.B.A.

(ii) P.G. Level (1 Program): 
(a) M.Com (Advanced Accountancy- Group A)

The details of these programs are as follows

Sr.No. Course Name Year Started Level UG/PG/Dip Type FT/PT Nature Regular/Self Financed Annual Fees(Rs.) Selection Criteria

1) B.Com.

 B.Com-I 1983 U.G. F.T. Regular 1350 -Paying
510- E.B.C.
 Merit (Score in preceding examination)
 B.Com-I(Unaided) 2001 U.G. F.T. Regular 3050- Unaided 10-B.C.Sch
 B.Com-II 1984 U.G. F.T. Regular 1505- Paying
665 - E.B.C.
 B.Com-II(Unaided) 2014 U.G. F.T. Regular 3705-Unaided 10-B.C.Sch
 B.Com-III 1985 U.G. F.T. Regular 1255- Paying
415- E.B.C.
 B.Com-III(Unaided) 2007 U.G. F.T. Regular 4455- Unaided 10-B.C.Sch

2) B.B.A.

B.B.A.-I 2008 U.G. F.T. Self financing 7820 Merit (Score in preceding examination)
B.B.A.-II 2009 U.G. F.T. Self financing 7970
B.B.A.-III 2010 U.G. F.T. Self financing 7695

3) M.Com.

M.Com- I 1991 P.G. F.T. Self financing  4255- Paying  10-B.C.Sch Merit (Score in preceding examination)
M.Com- II 1992 P.G. F.T. Self financing  4080- Paying  10-B.C.Sch